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KKS: I accept the pain to hold the roses

Today was a particularly interesting day for me. I started it off by studying a little Spanish, then proceeded to load my DJ equipment, follow it up by playing 5 hours at a store and finish it by closing the bar. Why would anyone do all of that a friend asked. The simple answer is because I asked for it. In requesting for a dream to become real, we must do like relationships and accept everything that goes with it. We tend to believe that hard work and sacrifice are punishment. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. When we go to the gym to become fit, do we call that punishment? The simple answer is no. We willingly accept the old attaché “no pain no gain” when it’s convenient.

My question to you is why can you accept this in exercise, but not a dream? Here’s some information for those that don’t know; every dream must have a foundation. It is foolish to think you can just wake up one day and have it all without some work. Let me rephrase. It is unwise to do that. Why you say? It you get what you want without mastering what it took to get it, then if something happens you won’t know how to get it back. For that matter, if it just slips a little, you won’t know how to keep it from sliding.

When you have experience, it gives you multiple points of reference and that means more options. For example, you will know the difference between when to use a hammer and when to use a mallet. Even more important is that you’ll learn you even have a mallet. Experience also allows you to be calmer and with that, think clearer. Panic always comes from a lack of information and uncertainty. I don’t think people that have the information of what to do, ever panic. When we frazzle, our first instinct is to find the quickest route out. Sometimes however, we actually need to stay where we are. Riding a dream is all about seeing how much you can stand. Only after you make up in your mind that this is truly what you want will you start to see fruit.

How bad do you want it? It is not what you want to gain, but what you are willing to loose. Even in the old days, when the people wanted something from God, they had to present a sacrifice. Success and dreams require the same thing. What are you willing to give? Is it time, money, comfort, status, material goods or even relationships?

Another question is how long are you willing to sacrifice them? Do you really have the guts to see it to the end?

If you are worried about what people will think, you won’t get far because success is past where average people are willing to go. It’s easy for a person with no faith to call someone crazy for stepping out. Truly the only people that will get it are those that are in your same boat.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is crucial. You will need them for the days when even you think you’re crazy. In the web of uncertainty, it’s so easy to get off track. Amazingly, a good kind / positive word will do wonders. You should practice giving them to yourself because you are the only person you know that hasn’t failed you. I’m not saying you can’t depend on friends, but life happens to them as well.

My purpose for this series is not to scare or deter you from living your dreams. It is simply to prepare you. Everybody talks about how good the roses smell on the other side, but no one tells you about the painful thorns when holding them. Truthfully you never forget the pain, but you learn the sweetness of the fruit is worth “it”.

Now here’s the big question. What is “it”?

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