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KKS: If I lost it, there’s room for something new.

People are always talking about what they don’t have and what they’ve lost, but what about the gain? The gain is always over looked for the loss. In everything, you can find a bright side. We just have to choose to see it. For example, a guy worked and worked and was finally able to buy his dream car. Unfortunately, the next day, it was totaled in an accident. If you harp on the bad, you only think, “I worked and worked and for what”. The bright side however shows us a totally different story. The bright side says that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. The bright side says you’ve made this happen and now shoot higher and see what happens next.

We get so discouraged at what’s directly in front of us that we miss the point. Life is not trying to crush our dreams; it is simply saying keep going. A lot of us stop at the first sign of success and think we’re happy or have arrived. Life has bigger plans for us. Because of this, when we get complacent, life steps in and shakes things up a little.

If we are truly as good as we think, we will rise and we will overcome… It is the nature of all things to progress. Look around at the technology. Monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and minute to minute / seconds tell the tale of constant progress. We must choose to get on the freeway and stop taking side roads of life.

There are so many more opportunities out there to make a difference. There are so many new choices and options being created daily. The world of today is not the one of yesterday. The failure you had in the past may be successful today. The market that wasn’t there years ago may thrive today. The job that wasn’t accepting applications may be hiring today.

Even if your failure or shortcoming or loss is not monetary, there are people out there that need you and in helping people you will find that you yourself can be healed.

It is not for us to daily ponder why, but to adjust and keep going. There is not glory in sitting feeling sorry for yourself. You do a disservice to the person you were and could be by being the person you’re not.

Get up and live. Get up and grow. Get up and start again. #kks #kevinkeyspeaks #kevinkey #motivationalblogs

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