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Kevin Key is a DP / Producer in the motion picture industry who has worked with clients like Disney On Ice, Comedy Central, John Travolta, Russell Crowe and many more.  He is also a motivational speaker and life coach. Listen in as he talks about the humor of day to day, positive vibes, food and tech to make your life better.


It is said that home is where the heart is. For Virginian Crystal Day, the spotlight is where she calls home. Her powerhouse vocals and prodigious writing ability lends her a musical style comparable to that of Shania Twain and Katy Perry. There is no denying that she is comfortable with sharing her gift to a crowd.

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Hello and welcome to the Keeping it Krispy Podcast with host Kevin Key and Crystal Day. This podcast focuses on humor entertainment and keeping you UP, UP, UP with good positive vibes.  It's time to smile, it's time to laugh, it's time to tune in.  Keep it Krispy!

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Keeping it Krispy is brought to you by some of the most talented people around.  Their hard work and dedication shows on every episode. 

Jacqueline Gray Miller
Producer / Reporter
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